Bring your own device to collaborate

Bring your Own Device,
Stay in control

To offer a better digital in-store experience for both consumers and employees, Leroy Merlin has made an app store available to corporate-owned phones.
It has produced over 60 apps to boost sales productivity and employee communication.

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By 2018, more than half of all bring your own device (BYOD) users that currently have an MDM agent will be managed by an agentless solution.

Gartner - How to live with unmanaged devices, 2015.

Your corporate app, on all devices.

iOS, Android & Windows Phone

Appaloosa enables the distribution on all three mobile platforms and supports both tablets and phones.

No MDM or agent required

As Appaloosa does not install any MDM profile, you can extend your reach to corporate phones and personal phones.

Stay in control

With our SDK, installed apps will automatically check the device and users compliance before they run. Also, deny access to lost or stolen devices with a single click.

All your apps, in a branded store.

Native, web or public apps

Your store can host in-house apps from your development team, web applications such as corporate websites and also public apps which you are already using.

Make it your own

Your app store can be branded with your own colors and logo. Like public app stores, you have control over featured apps.

Test before you deploy

Each app release can be tested with selected pilot users before it gets published.

Control device access.

Works with your own authentication

Secure user access and simplify user onboarding with your own SAML/oAuth-based authentication.

Blacklist device access

Automatically deny jailbroken or rooted devices. Blacklist selected, lost or stolen devices to deny further access to installed apps.

No blackbox magic

Our SDK enabling security features is open source and takes only a few minutes to use in your existing apps.

Enable BYOD today.
30-days, completely free.

With our enterprise edition, deploy unlimited apps to all platforms. Get all enterprise integrations such as API & custom authentication with the highest level of service.

All Features Included
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Enterprise Edition

Per User Per Month

100 users minimum billing

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Manage apps, not devices.

Learn how Peter and John both get their needs covered through simple Mobile Application Management.